The Mixit stirrers illustrated here are the agricultural models. Mixit stirrers can be adapted by other trades to suit their conditions and power requirement. A long axial space is available for your designs.

• These stirrers/ agitators/ whisks have been developed from my practical experience whilst mixing clients' stores
• They have a unique combination of a rotating tube and auger, married to the 80-200hp two stage impellers rated at
100, 130, 180Hp the impellers are interchangeable. plus or minus 20HP.
• There are NO SUBMERGED BEARINGS, so NO submerged framework to stop circulation.
• Mixit stirrers are unaffected by string, wire or long fibrous crust, indeed string is usefully collected on the tube rather than arriving in your pumps or spreaders.
• Crust is most effectively broken up by the rotating, chopping impellers. Jetters and pumps are much slower at
producing the homogenous slurry required for trouble free pumping.
• Mixit stirrers will significantly reduce your mixing times, particularly with thick crust.
• Mixit stirrers are mechanically simple and have two metric ball bearings mounted on tapered sleeves.
• The innovative features of these machines have been tried and tested by farmers and contractors since 1988 and
the design has been proven to be effective and reliable. All the components are European origin; no Chinese!

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The performance and advantages of these Mixit stirrers will be apparent when you watch the videos.

  My 25 year old tower stirrer working in thick crust

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MIXIT stirrers were developed because the traditional machines were found to be:

Slow, inefficient, difficult to maintain and not very effective in any thing but runny slurry

Their submerged bearings are a constant source of failure and friction.

Generally their drive shafts are incapable of delivering much power without failing and the impellors are restricted to a size that cavitate in the liquid when much power is applied. (making them erode and even less efficient).

The stationary frame work makes it difficult to penetrate thick crusts and when crusts try to circulate they are impeded by the frame work.

There are no such limitations with the Mixit stirrer system.

  • The conventional drive shaft running in a supporting tube is made redundant by rotating the tube. The strong tube rotates in two grease lubricated bearings on a tractor mounted frame, clear of the slurry, so no longer requires an end bearing running in the liquid.
  • With no submerged bearings straw, string, wire, or any aggressive material can be mixed without bearing failure.
  • Cavitation is not a problem as the tube's ability to transmit large amounts of power can be utilised by the large diameter impellor with sets of axially spaced blades.
  • An auger can be fixed to the rotating tube so the Mixit stirrer will drop through any crust to reach the liquid. This combination slices the approaching crust so offers no resistance unlike conventional stirrers with stationary frames.
  • The design and construction is simple. All parts are designed to be easily serviced. With no frictional loses from submerged bearing all the energy is available to the impellor.
  • Any trade can adapt or create their own designs of impellor to slide onto the square drive.
  • The innovative features of these machines have been tried and tested by farmers and contractors since 1988 and the design has been proven to be reliable

The LAGOON Stirrer

  • The LAGOON stirrer will transmit all the available power.
  • The agricultural version shown here will transmit up to 200h.p.
  • The auger has proved most effective where thick crusts need to be incorporated.
  • Considerable time is saved by speedy access to the liquid and by the slicing of the lands of crust as they circulate past the rotating tube unimpeded by stationary framework.
  • The frame has been carefully designed to make hydraulic top links unnecessary in most stores but they are available for contractors who encounter a wide variety of installations or farmers with deep stores.
  • Tube length and diameter can be altered to suit the depth, length and strength required. Typical lengths are 6m / 20ft and 7.5m / 25ft.
  • Impellors of any axial length, reverse thrust or specials can be safely supported by the tube.
  • The impellor's boss slides off the square drive (when the R clip and pin are removed) allowing quick removal for cleaning or exchange.


200HP+Lagoon Stirrer

This combination is designed for the growing number of Farmers and Contractors with powerful tractors, larger lagoons and not much time.

Stirring times are significantly reduced. All the advantages of the Mixit stirrers design are present.

This Mixit stirrer uses the large diameter tube to provide the strength to support the four larger and thicker blades of the HL3 impeller.

The standard machine is 22ft/6.6m long, has the Walterscheid 2600 very heavy duty PTO shaft, and the new HL3 impeller. Lengths above 22ft can be supplied.

Double acting 3 point linkage is required at high stirring angles, to stop the machine being lifted by the high thrust generated.

Lagoon Stirrer Extension

This extension allows you to increase the length of a Mixit stirrer by 3 metres. It comes complete with a Walterscheid 2500 star tube PTO, and a hydraulic top link.

The extension is designed to bend the PTO's joints equally so joint life is optimised and smooth power transmission is guaranteed. The frame is galvanised.

The splines fitted each end of the drive shaft are 1.75” not the weaker 1 3/8” diam.

The end bearing of the stirrer must not be immersed, so the extension is most useful in partially emptied, deep, earth bank lagoons, or for reaching over an obstruction. They also allow short underslat stirrers to be used to stir lagoons.

The TOWER Stirrer

pic4a   pic4c

1. The Tower stirrer arrives on it's optional road trailer


3. Standing ready for removal of the trailer




pic4b   pic4d

2. The machine being lifted by the trailer ram


4. The trailer is unhooked and the stirrer attached to tractor's, drive, and controls


  • The TOWER STIRRER can be hydraulically raised from its optional trailer.
  • Contractors and farmers will appreciate this well built machine. Its maintenance free Vee belts easily transmit the 70/100 hp demanded by the multi-stage impellor.
  • Belts are much quieter than gearboxes and have a design life of 12000 hours.
  • Typical stirring times are four times quicker than conventional machines and many tanks that were previously impossible to stir are successfully emptied.
  • It can stir to base level so is ideal for lifting and mixing sediments from pigs etc. or separators.
  • Any thickness of weedy crust can be stirred as the rotating auger/tube will cut through it to reach the liquid to start the mix, and then allow the tube to be manoeuvred to free up the edges. The tower video above shows how thick crust passes the tube. See also Rotating tube


Under-slat / Lagoon Stirrer

A simple Mixit under-slat stirrer is available.
It is generally around 4m/14ft long, and only weighs 150kg. It will replace the complicated, expensive pumps presently used to stir under slats. It is hugely quicker, and gives you lump free slurry in both lagoons and under-slats.

It is inserted under the slats, either prior to mounting on the tractor, or after the bottom links are attached and then fully lifted to obtain a good angle to pass through limited access holes. The top link is then attached. The standard length of the machine is 13-15ft. but machines can be made to any length so they could also be used for lagoon stirring. Alternatively a short stirrer could be combined with the 3 metre extension frame( See Under Lagoon Stirrer ) then you can stir both with the one machine.

When an auger is fitted on the tube it will significantly reduce mixing times with tanks that use dividing walls to circulate the tank's contents, as the crust can pass, unimpeded by framework, to the impeller. Assistance is preferable when feeding an auger into tanks with a small access hole.



Any form of drive can be used. The tube can have plugs inserted in the tube or taperlock drives mounted on the tube's outside diameter.

Agricultural machines use the 6 spline 1 3/4" drive to be strong enough for the high power requirement of the standard impellor and to cope with the use (abuse) most machines encounter.

Walterscheid 2500 series PTO shafts are supplied as standard. They are available with various shearbolt torques or with an auto reset version that can be reset by slowing the PTO drive. This is recommended for contractors working in unfamiliar stores.


The basic part is usually a length of box section as it provides a safe and convenient way of mounting the bearing plates. The framework required for standard and special machines is attached to this. The standard agricultural frame is galvanised and uses cat 2 attachments.


Tubes can be matched to any requirement. Diameters and wall thickness can be adjusted to obtain the stiffness, flexibility and length demanded by the situation.

Agricultural models use 75mm and 90mm cold drawn tubes as standard with lengths up to 8m/27ft. These cope well with the thin and thick ( 2 metre.) crusts encountered, and have enough flexibility to absorb the shock loads from weedy hard lumps, stray tyres, dead animals etc.


The bearings are ball or roller bearings mounted on tapered sleeves. This ensures easy dismantling and a fret free fit between the tube and bearing without the use of damaging grub screws.

Typically the drive end has a self aligning cartridge ball bearing in a machined steel housing capable of resisting the high axial loads from the impellor's thrust. The main bearing can be a spherical ball or roller bearing mounted in a steel housing.

The bearings are not designed to be permanently submerged.


If crusts or solids are present the auger allows the tube to drop freely through them to reach the liquid below essential for the impellor to generate the thrust required for mixing the crust. Equally, when the crust starts to circulate, it can pass the tube unimpeded by the stationary framework found with conventional stirrers thus reducing mixing times and energy consumption. Whilst stirring the tube can be manoeuvred sideways through thick stationary crusts allowing them to be sliced off for quicker stirring.


The impellor's square section boss slides onto the tube's square drive and is held in place by a pin and R clip. This boss can have any number of blades or devices attached as the axial length is not restricted by bearings or framework. Cavitation, caused by too much power for the impellor size, is avoided with the Mixit System by increasing the number of stages or the diameter of the impellor. Circumferential tips can be added to focus thrust and to increase the amount of crust mixed on each pass by reducing "bouncing off". With the ability to remove the impellor in one minute without tools, impellors can be exchanged for the changing conditions - reverse thrust, weed, aireation, etc. Stock designs are interchangeable and will deliver between 60 -200hp at 5-700 rpm. Tower stirrers may lift unless restrained, or double acting three point linkage is used, when stirring at high angles. The three stock designs deliver between 60 - 200hp at 5-700 rpm. 1000rpm can be used.


European pat no. 283316



Top Link

Hydraulic link available for difficult access


Walterscheid 2500, 2600 shearbolt or auto reset.

Drive Tube

Std. diam. 75 or 90mm. 1 3/4" 6 spline drive. Specials


Optional - 1m long.


High thrust 50-200hp or turbulence. Specials.


Length 6m/20' with 75 or 90mm tube. Up to 7.5m/25' with 90mm tube, 3 metre extention frames.


Ball or roller bearings mounted on tapered sleeves


180/200kg. PTO shaft 25kg.


Up To 1200rpm


Agricultural machines use Cat 2 linkage. The frames are galvanised.





Walterscheid 2500, for jib and pulley drives.

Drive Tube

75 or 90mm x 10mm 1 3/4" 6 spline drive.


Fitted as standard 1m long.


High turbulence/specials. Min 70hp.


Std. 4.3m/14.5', 5m/16.5', 5.5m/18.5' or special hts. to order.


As lagoon including the pulley shafts


Machine 1000kg. Trailer 250kg.


5/800 rpm. High speed low torque drives not recommended unless power exceeds 130hp.


Agricultural machines use Cat 2 linkage. The trailer and tower frames are galvanised.


The TELE Stirrer

This amazing machine is a "go anywhere, do anything" machine that has all the advantages of the rotating drive tube close coupled to a remotely controlled 100hp+ engine. This combination is attached to a Tele loader to reach where ever your boom can extend, to stir the parts others have never before reached. This machine is ideal where one machine must mix any store whatever the access or crust.

CLICK HERE for details of the patented Rotating Tube